Maple Pecan Pie Tartlets {Paleo}

27 January 2014

I've had enough. I'm packing my bags and moving to somewhere with palm trees ASAP. My mother had a trip planned to Hawai'i this weekend, where she spent most of her life before she was married, and I joked that I was going to drop everything and go with her -- move into a hut on the beach -- and stay there forever.

... I was only half joking.

I really don't do cold weather well. I have a severe form of the rare Raynaud's syndrome, which essentially is a disorder that causes your blood vessels to constrict when you're cold or stressed. So any exposure to cold is dangerous for me, and if my hands are ice cold in 90 degree weather, you can imagine how bad it is in this Polar Vortex.

I look like a mummy when I leave my apartment to go anywhere. Snow pants actually became a valid option when I was dressing for class last week. Not the most trendy option, but definitely a good one. 

In other news, I opened a savings account for the first time in my life last week. I know, I know. I'm joining the party pretty late on that one. I don't know.... I have two checking accounts and I just never felt like I needed a savings.

But I woke up one morning last week and realized that although I'm still in school, I'm a twenty-something now, and I needed to put my big girl pants on and start planning for the future. And in a couple years, when I'm out of law school, that savings account is going to start looking really good.....  helllllllloooooooooo down payment on a house.

Anyway, I made these ah-mah-zing maple pecan pie tartlets last week. I really don't think I had a reason to make them except I wanted to, which is usually the best reason ever to make something, if you ask me.

The crust is flakey, and the center is sweet and nutty and so, so rich. I had to stop myself after four and package them up to give away otherwise I would have eaten a few more -- or, ya know -- the whole flipping batch. 

But the bottom line is that they're really good. Try them. 

Maple Pecan Pie Tartlets {Paleo}

For the crust:
1/2 cup almond flour
1/4 cup coconut flour
2 Tbsp of mashed banana
1 egg

For the filling:
2 eggs
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 Tbsp melted coconut oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 cup pecan halves

For the crust:

Whisk together the almond flour and tapioca starch in a large mixing bowl. Add the coconut flour and make sure it is well combined. Add 5 tablespoons worth of the coconut oil/palm shortening to the mixture, warming it with your fingers so that it's slightly melted. 

Whisk the egg into the flour mixture. Add the 2 Tablespoons of mashed banana. Mix well using a spoon (or try that for 2 minutes before giving up and saying f**k it and mix it with your fingers.) Add the remaining coconut oil/palm shortening and knead it into the dough. 

Roll the dough mixture into a ball. Cover in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator to chill while you prepare the pecan filling.

For the filling:

Using a blender or food processor, blend the eggs, maple syrup, coconut sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract and cinnamon. Blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl and add the pecans. Combine them well so that the pecans are well-coated with the mixture.

Remove the crust from the refrigerator. Grease an individual muffin/cupcake tin with coconut oil. Press the dough deep into the crevices of the cups of the tin. Make sure that you bring the crust up the sides. Spoon the pecan pie filling into each mini crust.

Pop 'em into the oven at a 375 Fahrenheit temperature for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy warm with a chilled glass of almond milk. Mmmmmm.


  1. these sound amazing! I am going to have to make them soon.

  2. These look great! Am I correct in thinking these are gluten free too?

  3. Gluten free and grain free! Parve too!

  4. You forgot to say pour the pecan filling into the crust.

  5. Oh my these look fantastic! I hear ya on going somewhere warm... this English weather kills me! Can't wait for summer and some sun!

  6. Mine didn't turned out looking like that at all :( what did it do wrong ?

  7. wow these look amazing. I want to die. I cannot wait to try these. Pecan pie used to be my favorite... you make paleo treats seem better than the "real" thing. Oh and your crispy cookies rocked my world btw. amazing.


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